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15 Day period - advice please

Hi ladies,

Since coming off contraception and ttc since last July my periods have been irregular and my luteal phase is short at 10 days I think, my period is never late, always comes earlier than expected which is annoying as before contraception I was always late. This month I’m more concerned as my period came early as usual, after only a 25 day cycle then appeared to last 11 days (only usually on for 7) that was three days ago, husband and I had sex yesterday and I’m now back on my period?!? Not spotting either, what I consider proper bleeding. Is it the same super long period that took an inexplicable 3 day break? I’m going to the doctors on Tuesday but I’d be really grateful for any advice or reassurance. I’m really disheartened now and seriously thinking there is something wrong with me. 

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