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Possible to have babies with just 1 ovary?/need advice

I stopped taking birth control. Haven't had a period since January. I have PCOS and a couple years ago I had to have my right ovary and filopean (spell check) tube removed because one big cyst took it over. The past week or so I've been have cramps on my lower left side. I feel like I'm about to start my period but it still hasnt showed up. Im scared to make an appointment because what if my left side has cysts on it now? I'm only 24. I cant stand the thought of never having babies.

Any advice? Anybody conceive with just the one ovary? 


  • Hi fishgirl just to let you know I lost my ovary/fallopian tube right side after the birth of my first son as I had a cyst called a Terratoma ( probably not spelt correctly!)

    I have had 3 more successful pregnancies since then and 5 losses but pregnancy wise I fell perfectly ok:) good luck on your ttc journey XX 

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