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hello ladies I was given 50mg of clomid but blood test confirmed it didn't work(I didn't ovulate) the docotors have now upped it to 100mg has anyone had clomid and been successful on 100mg? Please help loosing hope :( 


  • Hi curlychar did they tell you what the level was to compare to previous months or that all they say?x

  • They didn't give me a level Hun just said no ovualtion so this month when af shows I have to up it to 100mg xxxx

  • Aw that’s annoying. They Should at least let you know the levels. 

    i Can’t advise much as I’ve just started clomid but I was already ovulating and my levels haven’t changed at all so don’t understand it. 

    Hopefully when you try 100mg it will kick Start ov. Make sure you ask them when you get results to let you know what the level was and for also this month. It’s more helpful if you know what your comparison is. They don’t usually tell you unless you ask. 

    My friend who had pcos was put on 50mg for 3 months and then no change so went to 100mg. She now has a 6 week old baby, so hoping the magic will work for us all xx 

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply Hun really am loosing hope I haven't got pcos just a hormone imbalance and don't have regular periods and I don't ovualte  they put my on clomid just really hoping for a miracle for us allxxx

  • It takes a little while to kick in they say. So hopefully a higher dose will work. Fingers crossed for you xx 

  • Thank you Hun and fingers crossed for you too😘 Xx

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