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Evap lines or positive?

I’ve recently taken three pregnancy tests with confusing results. Around seven or six days before my expected period, I began having very light dichsrge that went from brown to pink. It lasted for two days, and I also experienced occasional dizziness and a lack of appetite. I took the first test (the one on top) Friday night. It was negative within the 12 minutes, so I put it away. Today (Sunday morning) I took another test (middle test). At least an hour after it showed the faint line. I took another layer in the day (last) and nothing has appeared. I’ve hear of how notorious blue dye HPTs are, but I’m still curious if these are evap lines or faint positives. I still am not expecting my period for at least two days and I’m also wondering if it’s simply too early, or my symptoms are signs that something is medically wrong here. image

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