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17 days since coming off cerelle

Decided i had had enough of taking the pill it makes me depressed and it cant be good keeping your ovaries in sleep mode  .i took my last 1 3 days into a fresh pack on the 13th may , had sex following day so took morning after pill within the 3 day period . Was on cerelle for 9 months after a mc bk in august 17 . Not ttc just want to red myself of the pill .ive been charting my temps trying t make some sence of my cycle its been none existan for 9 months  . I know it can take some time to regulate your hormones . i have been using the opk's to try pin point ovulation had some that look near + then hardaly visable lines few hours after , fain not so faint faint again  . I have had some cramps and backaches and a few days of vvv light spotting now nothing 

How long had it taken for others to get bk on track after stopping cerelle . Eagerly awaiting af's return . 

Hear eavni gnprimrose oil is good to help balance hormones out anyone had any positive storys with its use ? 

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