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10 months ttc referred for tests

So today i visted docs as we have been trying to conceive for 10 months with one mc. 

I have an underactive thyroid so the doctor has reffered me for bloods doing and other half for his test. 

Im so nervous and dont know what to expect 


  • Hi Kirstx, I have just found your post, what happened after this? 

  • Hi Kirstx1 ive just come across this post I’d love to know how u got on with this? I’m due to go for a ttc dr app on two weeks tine and I’m not really sure what to expect of it. Thanks 

  • Hi Genabella, I have had blood works done, I can give you some info hope it helps..

    I had a "full hormonal panel" checked including progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, FSH, LH and prolactin. 

    I also had AMH checked that is your ovarian reserve figure and an insulin resistency test showing if I have IR that is the most common reason for not falling pregnant nowadays. 

    As for thyroid they checked TSH, T4 and T3. Most of the time they only check your TSH and nothing else, but apparently that does not give you the full picture. 

    Your TSH can be within the limit and still make you unable to conceive as per the guideline it should be somewhere between 0.4-4, but for baby project it really need to be below 2.

    Also had an ultrasound to check if everything is ok with my uterus and ovaries + tubes.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Thank you for that Ags I’m just worried maybe I am over reacting and jumping the gun a bit, I’m 34 almost 35 and hubby is 41. We’ve been ttc for 8months and nothing. I would like to find out if there is something I can help along or do to make this process work better and result in the positive test. 

  • Hi Genabella, I disagree with you jumping the gun, because we have had 5 unsuccessful months and I insisted on doing the check ups. I am 33, hubby is 31.

    My fear was that what if something is slightly out of balance and could be easily fixed. I wouldn't want to find out about it a year from now and think we "wasted" so much time and didn't stand a chance...

    DH will have his stuff checked in 2weeks time as well. 

    My mom and my gran both suffered from underactive thyroids. This is our 6th month and thankfully all my numbers came back perfect, also have a great ovarian reserve that actually helped me relax and made a very positive impact on TTC. 

    I have had spotting before my period started since I stopped taking the pill, that for most girls means nothing, but sometimes is an indicator of a hormonal imbalance that can be easily fixed, but if not it can end up causing miscarriage and that terrified me. 

    Also my GP sent me away, but I did go private because I knew I needed to see it on paper.

  • thank you so much for that! I’m on the exact alsane frame of mind as u I don’t want to waste time when there’s no need. I’m also going private as I can’t get an app with my gp and I think if I finally did get in with her I’d be sent away too. i have. Good health insurance anyway so I may as well put it to good use. My mum and gran also have thyroid problems I never thought of it before .

    i think as u say it will help put my mind at ease and stop stressing me out every month. im going to see them on the 7th Feb so I should be just post ovulation at that point or else right in the middle of it. Fingers crossed we get good Outcone. I’ll let u know how I get on. 

    Than again for taking the time to reply. 

  • Genebella - also wanted to add they say if your over 35 (I know your 34 at the moment) they will refer for fertility tests after 6 months and not the usual 12 months so you are not jumping the gun at all :) don't let the doctors make you think you are either. I've had all the various tests too and a laparoscopy and to be honest, it's helped me relax more knowing what's going on like Ags said :) xx

  • Exactly! To be honest sometimes I get a bit annoyed by people saying oh, why don't you relax and see what happens? I would love to do that, but unfortunately I can't. If I was 10years younger I would probably just wait, but back then I didn't even know my DH.

    I had the family history of thyroid issues and I have been using OPKs every month, were BDing every other day, doing everything as we were supposed to with not a single even remotely questionable HPK, so I am approaching 34and thought we are both ready, see no reason why shouldn't do everything I can to make sure we are both healthy. Turns out in my case the spotting doesn't mean anything (just old blood as it is brown), but now I know it for sure.  

    DH has his appointment on the 7th of Feb as well :)

    Blood work is best to be done either at the beginning of your cycle (day 3-5) and/or right in the middle of your LP (around CD21). as your hormones are going up and down depending on where you are in your cycle the limits will be different too for each hormone. For instance your progesteron needs to be below 5 at the beginning, but then above 20in your LP. 

    If you have any more questions don't hold back! :)

  • Hi just wanted to give sone more insight into the process. We have been ttc for 14/15 months. Both 31. Went to doctors in October and got referred for day 21 bloods. These camr back clear so dh got referred for sperm test which also came back normal. met with fertility specialist on 21 st January who referred me for an hsg. Got this done on Friday and no blockages or problems that she could see. Back to meeting with fertility specialist on 1st april but think he wants us to ttc naturally for another 6 months then try 6 months of clomid. After that would be on waiting list for ivf which is two years currently where I stay. Any questions feel free to pm me xxx

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