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Positive ovulation test???


Hi ladies, 

so ive been off contraception for the past 3/4 months now..(after being on the implant and the contraceptive injection for 3/4 years).. im still waiting on a period but I’m not having any luck. I’m currently using ovulation tests to determine if I’m ovulating or not (I have t had a proper period for 3/4 years now) and I can’t figure out if its come back positive or not? Can anyone help out?? 


  • I think they say that the test line needs to be bolder than the control line so technically this wouldn’t be positive but it’s very close. I found that when I got one like this, it would only be a few hours before I got a proper positive one (or I’d just missed the positive one by a few hours). I got one like yours a few weeks ago when I did ovulation tests and logged it as negative in my app... and now I’m pregnant soooo I guess I did ovulate at some point but just missed it. Try pinpointing your likely ovulation day and do a test at lunch time and dinner time for the three day window - you should catch it that way!

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