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Endometriosis and conception

Hi Ladies.

Me and my husband have been TTC baby Number 2 for nearly 10 months now, With our son we conceived the first cycle of trying so all of this is new to us. Now we have had another spanner thrown into the works as i have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis. 

has anyone else with the same condition had issues with conceiving. I would love to hear any stories or information that anyone has as I do not really know much about what this all means.



  • Hi babysparkle! Meeee!! 

    Ive had endo for a bout a year now, accomplanied by a lovely ruptured ovarian cyst in my left ovary... I stopped the pill in march... I told my gynae we wanted to try for a baby (i was only on the pill for max 4 months before stopping)... I had a normal period in march and in april... In may i was 12 days late! Af is due tomorrow... Sadly, i have no clue if I've onvulated in these past months as i dont temp or anything... I tried going off CM, but i dont think i can really tell the difference... After this period, i have to see my gynae again in 2 weeks and ill probably have to start the pill again :( 

    Sadly, i have zero information. 

    All i know is (i only recently change gynae cause i didnt like my other one) is that endo doesnt actually decrease your chances in concieving.... Pregnancy actually helps your endometriosis alot they say! Having said this, i havhavei heard that you do have less timw to have babies... But i dont know if that's actually true! Ill ask my gynae when i see her and confirm! 

  • Babysparkle, it’s totally possible to conceive still! My mum had endometriosis and Pcos so bad that she ended up having a full hysterectomy after my little sister... but she still managed to have 3 children! So it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have more children. 

    I was in a similar situation to you recently as we were trying to conceive our second child (we have a 2 year old little boy already). I had been pregnant 3 times before (had 2 miscarriages before our son) & with each of those pregnancies we conceived on the first month... so I was expecting it to happen quickly again this time around... it took 8 months of serious trying! I was starting to worry that something might be up but then it worked and I am now 12 weeks pregnant with twins! ☺️

  • Empa sorry to hear that you are struggling. I hope that you get the answers you need from your gynae, Can they make you go back on the pill if you are wanting to TTC? have you had your bloods taken to see if you are ovulating? I had my cd2 bloods taken on monday and have to go back on cd21 for more to confirm if I have ovulated. then they talked about starting me on Clomid so we will see. I have been off the pill since September 2017 and the past 4 cycles my periods have regulated to the average 28 days.

    SW2 thank you for your story that is nice to hear about your mother and gives me some hope. massive congratulations on your twins that's exciting new hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. hopefully i can be saying the same for myself soon.


  • Babysparkle I have sent you a PM x

  • So glad I found this thread.. I too am worried my endo is causing fertility issues. I had surgery last year to removed an ovarian cyst which is when they found the endo & as it lasered at the same time. Been TTC since Nov which was a few months after my op but no luck. Went to GP but said even with my history she won't referre us to fertility specialist until we've been trying for one year. 

    So I did my own research and decided to look into other options which is where I learnt about fertility massage therapy, which can help people with endo as can break down scar tissue, adhesions, unblock tubes, help regulate cycles etc. I had my 1st session on Tuesday and found it very helpful, they do so much more than just a massage. The lady went through my diet and I was shocked to hear half the things I was eating (that I thought was healthy) could be affecting my endo and fertility. Thought I'd mention to everyone on here incase anyone is interested, but definitely worth looking into girls...

    I guess time will tell if it's worked or not... 

  • Hi ladies! Just letting you know that after 1 year with endo, i got my BFP lastnight! It IS possible to fall pregnant with our endometriosis / ovarian cysts!

  • Lacey - thank you for your story I will definitely have a look into fertility massage. at this point i think anything is worth a go.what kind of foods did they say where bad for you with endo?my gynae did say that when we go back in 3-4 months for all the other results they will look at starting me on Clomid if we are not pregnant by then it will also mark a year since we started TTC, It is such a different experience from trying for our son there is so much to take in and the emotional roller coaster we go on.I hope you get your BFP soon lots of baby-dust to you.

    EmPa that's amazing news massive congratulations. You must be so happy. That is something to give us all hope. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.


  • Babysparkle - So apparently sugar is the devil for endo, even veg/fruit with natural sugar should be avoided or eaten in moderation. Gluten and dairy products are also known to aggravate it although doesn't need to be completely cut out again just small doses, but don't switch to soya milk like I did as this contains eastrogen which again isn't good for endo, almond or coconut milk is best she said. A lot of the other stuff she advised were specific to me and my lifestyle but definitely something to look into, not overly expensive either and didn't hurt although next day I was very achy. Apparently your reproductive organs are the first to suffer if you don't look after your body properly. 

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