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What dose this mean? Stopped getting positive ovulation tests, tilted uterus

Hey this is my first time here posting:

So 4 year ago my my wife and I started looking into having a family and went for tests to make sure everything was okay, we have blood tests and the test and I got told I had low ovulation and I got sent for a test to see if my tunes had a blockage but that was all okay well now we are trying for a baby and the last few month I have stopped getting positive results on ovulation so I have just been to the doctors and he got my notes up from 4 year ago and the nurse I seen at the hospital said she had proscribed clomid for 3 cycles then 100mg metforman but none of this is true I literally got told I had a tilted uterus and everything was okay and that was the end of that. But I also found out today she had said I had low progesterone, I didn’t no this. So now I’m worried. Would this have affected my chance of getting pregnant ? I don’t understand how she could just lie about something so big and not tell me this.

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