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PCOS, Metformin & ovulation tests

Hello all, I am 28 and have been ttc for one year. Just had lots of tests done, and found out I have PCOS, my cycles are crazy long and all over the place. Husband has been tested and thank goodness all is normal for him. I have been put on Metformin for now and have an appointment with a fertility doctor in 3 weeks time. If anyone else I has had it is having a similar journey it would be great to hear from you!

I am currently CD45 and have had slightly sore boobs the last 3 days so decided to take some ovulation tests (photos below). would you say the middle one is positive and the bottom one negative? I never understand these little sticks! 

Hopefully will be put on Clomid after fertility appointment and see how we get on. would love to chat to people who are In a similar situation 🤗



  • Hey eclemmy

    i was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 and at the time it never dawned on me about children I was also told I didn’t ovulate at all so there was very little chance of ever falling pregnant natural. i Was already on metforman due to been a diabetic so that was never an option for me.

    I always said I wanted a child around the age of 30 but found out last December that I had somehow fallen pregnant naturally and now am 32 weeks gone it’s not the same as you are trying but to be fair things do happen so always hold on to that hope that it will happen one day am also 28 and still In shock that it happened without fertilitt like I was always advised I needed. 

    Sending lots of luck to you 😘

  • Hi girls, I’m 33 and after trying for 3 years for a baby I found out i have PCOS, I was put on metformin and am on my 2nd cycle. I’m still trying to figure my body out as I have normal 28 to 32 day cycles, but I now know I don’t ovulate. Hopefully the metformin will help. 

    Thats fantastic lizzielouise 

    baby dust for us xx

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