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I've always had irregular periods, before going on the pill aged 26 I had either really heavy clotty ones or really light ones. No pain though. I've come off the pill at the beginning of this year and I think I ovulated the first month and had a 3 day period but since then nothing and no sign of my period. Went back to the doctors and have had my blood tested- it's come back all normal inc progesterone. I was really surprised as I am convinced I have mild poly cystic ovaries (a few years ago they said I had a few on one of my ovaries). I'm waiting for my referral to the fertility clinic and another scan but am wondering how my bloods can be normal if I am not ovulating? 

Anyone had a similar experience- just wondering what to expect in the next stages .


  • Oh and when I was 26 I had a non cancerous tumour/cyst removed from my womb before I was put on the pill

  • Hi, im in a very similar situation.  I have very irregular periods, currently cd78.  All blood tests inc. progesterone have come back normal.  The doctor wants me to repeat weekly now as im not regular.  But im convinced something must be wrong there?

    Feel your frustrstion!

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