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Can I possibly be infertil?

Hey guys this is my first time here ! Not quite sure how to start but here it goes ! 

It was about three years ago I had sex with this guy, I got up to go the the bathroom to pee and I had these strange bumps appear on my upper privates . I was scared out of my mind I didn’t know what to think and I never took any sex Ed classes or anything but I did do some research and chlymidia (I think I spelled that right ) was the closest thing it Could possibly be ... I didn’t confront him or anything. I just left as fast as I could ... I was so mad frustrated and confused and didn’t know what to do  after a weeks or so I started to feel pain while I peed and it felt when I did urinate not all of it came out it was such a weird sensation finally I went back home to my parents and I forgot all about it  ( somehow ) I guess I just didn’t know what to do with it and I couldn’t tell my parents I scared of what they might say ... years past moved out and bf now when we first got together after we had sex he caught it and we are both cured now but one day one morning before work I felt this weird pain in my lower stomach I just hurt and couldn’t hardly move but I sucked it up to go to work but that was a very bad idea it got so bad so quickly that I had to go get checked I couldn’t hardly stand up straight I was hunched over felt like I had weights dragging me to the floor from my uterus it was awful .. turned out I had a very bad case of PID !!’ Drs told me it could’ve done so much damage and after that I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to have babies which is something I’ve always wanted ! So if anyone that has a similar story and can still have babies please reply  I need some hope ❤️

P.s. I had the disease for about a year or two 

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