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PCOS success story

I wrote a massive post telling my story after joining in 2017 and TTC for past 8 years with my husband, but button bashed and lost it all.

I will keep this one short and sweet in the hope to give some hope to everone in my situation and struggling day in and out with PCOS. Thre really is hope for us all.

I got diagnosed with PCOS in 2010, 3 years after I got married and been struggling to conceive since. My husband is  healthy and we got his sperm tested back in 2010 and waa normal/healthy. All this time I blAmes myself for him not being a Dad.

2017 was a horrible year, we all have them, work problems, family members passing etc

In August 2017 I decided to start looking after myself more. First thing being my weight which had risen to 16st 6. A lot for my 5ft 2 frame. I started following a Keto diet with my husband and fast forward 8 months, I have lost around 50lbs :)

Losing weight regulated my period and although cycles still varied by a few days, they were here once a month. Still no idea if ovulating though.

May period came a week late which was unusual, then 2 days later I had what looked like another small bleed. Never happened before and got upset my pcos had flared up again, and blamed work pressure and for having cheat meals recently.

I had heard of spot bleeding and although was lucky I even seen it, took a HPT a few days later and a week later, both negative. 8 carried on as normal, bummed out and confused.

I was on holiday in Italy with family in June and just enjoyed myself, drank and ate, making the most of our much needed break away. Although near the end of the holiday both my husband and I realised...still no show of June AF.

The day after we got home from Italy, I tested half hazard midday and got a solid BRO within 10 seconds. Took 2 more and the line appeared straight away!

In shock, absolute shock and think we both still are. We estimate my BFP was at 7 weeks and I am now 9 weeks.

We haven't told any family etc yet as very early stages of first trimester. Bloods are being taken on 9th Aug and first NHS scan 2 weeks after.

We are both so nervous and also excited that we simply couldn't wait that long for a scan to see if everything is okay with the baby, so getting a private scan done today.

I can't believe we are here... finally, close to tears writing this to you ladies. I really hope today goes well.

Other than losing weight over time, the only other things I dine the last month or 2 was take vitamin D oral spray from Amazon once a day if I remembered Sewell as folic acid, which all women should take when TTC.

I hope I have given even just one of you hope. Please don't assume you need to be in and out the Dr constantly begging for some sort of medication and getting upset like me if you don't get it. Try looking after yourself first and take vitamins.

Baby dust to all xxx


  • Aww congratulations think positiv.

    i was diagnosed with PCOS over 10 years ago now and was told my body would never conceive at all with out fertility treatment but been 18 at the time it never really sunk in. I have never been a person who wanted kids and loved Been an aunty instead. Then i Even split a relationship up because he wanted kids and I new I couldn’t have them and lost a very special person because of my stupidit. Then out the blue last December I felt funny one day took a test and was pregnant was a shock because my periods were still very strange and never like they should be but here I am now 36 weeks pregrant and getting ready to have my baby girl I am now on my own but it will be me and my girl against the world.

    i think the key is to not stress about it I know it’s the hardest thing ever when your desperate for a baby but it does happen baby dust to everyone. 

  • Congrats lizzielouise and all the best for the arrival of your wee one <3

    I completely agree on not over thinking ttc and believing you can control when it happens 100%. 

    I had basically but rock bottom after my year in 2017 and didn't chart or anything. That all stopped and I just concentrated on my own well being ... now I'm pregnant. Wishing you all the best! xx

    Just about to leave for my scan ... *insanely nervous*

  • Aww don’t it’s so exciting seen baby wiggle on the screen and there very good at giving mummy and daddy a wave to. It all feels real after you have had the scan and you can start to let people know your great news. 

    Good luck 

  • First of all a big congratulations to you and your partner 

    I have pcos and have been diagnosed 2 years and have been trying for 4 years now and up to now no such luck 

    I took a pregnancy test Saturday gone and it was positive although I’m very worried at the min because I started to have a bleed on Sunday more than what’s classed as spotting and quite red and passed A large blood clot today I have been to see the dr who thinks it’s just bleeding due to me having the pcos I’ve had blood tests done to make sure but fingers crossed all is well and I am still pregnant but I’m so worried myself 

  • Congrats, all I can suggest is stay as calm as possible and keep in touch with your Dr if you get any severe pains.

    I have read a lot of women still get a period when pregnant and go on to have a healthy baby, we are all so different.

    My scan went well on Saturday, baby has a heartbeat, in a good position and sack is healthy so feeling calmer x

  • thank you for sharing and congratulations! i too have pcos and struggled to conceive. but all of my babies were made after a period of healthy eating and weight loss and not focusing on ttc. i have a 21 year old a soon to be 5 year old and my surprise baby is due in jan 😍

  • Aww fantastic news, all the best for your new addition to the family in January!! 😊 xx

  • Hey girls! I have struggled for years with irregular cycles. I have PCOS which I developed after my daughter was born in 2010. my husband and I have been ttc for a little while now. yesterday was cd 20 and I received a smiley face on my opk!!! Woo-hoo! This is the first positive opK! I’m nervous and trying hard not to get my hopes up! Today I used one of the cheap opk just out of curiosity to see if it would give the same results and it was definitely positive! Fingers crossed that this is our month!! 

  • Hiya! Was looking for a bit of positivity. So I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and I came off my BC twice this year as I didn’t think it was doing much for my health, suffering with lots of headaches however I went back onto it. Me and my partner decided we want to try for a baby so I came off my BC about 2 months ago but haven’t had a period. Usually when I came off before I almost instantly had a period after 3-4 days. I purchased pregacare and waiting for them to come so has anyone tried the ’pregacare trying to concieve’ With PCOS and had any luck? Xx

  • Hi I need some help.I have been ttc for 6 years now.I had my last af in june.I normally have irregular cycles as I have PCOS.On Friday afternoon I randomly took cheap ebay test and saw a faint line on the strip.Two hours after that took first response pregnancy test and it was negative.Yesterday morning again it showed faint on ebay test.Today morning did test with second urine and it was faint again with ebay test.3 hours later tested again but it's negative.Don't understand what is going on.I don't want to put my hopes down as I want to get pregnant very badly.Any responses will be of great help for me.

  • I would go to the Dr's and get blood done. I did not get a positive HPT until I was around 7 weeks pregnant. It's better to know either way and if you are pregnant you can take relative vitamins and about certain foods that cam be harmful to the baby etc.

    All the best xx

  • Thank you so much honey..

  • Well guys here is my baby had been Diagnosed with PCOS for 9 years now and my mirical baby came into the world 5 days ago she was 4 weeks and 1 day early but she is home and healthy now. 


  • Congratulations lizzielouise, she is beautiful. I hope you are doing well and wish you all the best 😊 xx

  • ThinkPositive ,Doctors appointment is not available until 12th of August. On Thursday night I had some pink discharge followed by brown in the morning.There is nothing from Friday morning.It was very light and could feel only when I wipe.Sotook first response test today with early morning urine and within 3 minutes a test line showed but it was white instead of pink.Im confused.Imgetting right side tummy pain.sometimes little sharp.

  • Hey Kukii, it's frustrating waiting for a set Drs appointment. If you need to why.not call the Drs in the morning and request an emergency appointment? I would do that ratjer than wait.

    I'm not sure what your pregnancy test means, but could be a faulty one.

    Wish you all the best xx

  • Thank you honey..I will give a call in the morning and see if I can get an appointment on emergency basis.

  • A massive congratulations to you!!! 

    Lovely to hear... 

    Your story sounds similar to mine. Hope all goes well for you xx

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