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Am I Even Ovulating?? 😟

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some good advice really... 

My husband and I have been actively TTC for coming up to two and a half years now. I have a 9 yo daughter and he has a 14 yo son and we are desperate to have a child together. I was prescribed Clomid to conceive my daughter and fell pregnant straight away after having tried for over 4 years. 

I then assumed that obviously I had ovulation issues and would only ever conceive with help but then about 3 years after having my daughter and being with my second husband I spontaneously fell pregnant (which was a shock) but sadly did not have a successful pregnancy. So now we are TTC again and it just isn’t happening. 

I have been using OPKs for about a year and (stupidly) would stop testing upon receiving a positive test strip, thinking that meant I would ovulate. This month though I have tested past the positive and am now on day 6 of a strong positive test strip! I assume this means I am not ovulating?? I’m a little confused and stressed by the whole thing. I also have very light but regular periods (about every 5 weeks). I’ve been to the dr who has done bloods and referred me to have an internal ultrasound which all came back ok. 

I would like to try with Clomid again but my GP has told me that it’s not really an option as the NHS doesn’t give that sort of help if you already have a child 😞

Sorry for the long (and possibly incoherent) post. I am so stressed by the whole thing. 

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