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Low sperm count & motility.

Hi, new to this but myself and husband have been ttc for 16months now. Just had his 2nd set of results back and results aren't great. Sperm count & motility are both low. Currently waiting for referal to see specialist. Just wondering if anybody is in a similar situation or has been through the process of seeing a specialist and has any advise? Feeling rather down about it all, seems to be a constant waiting game for the next lot of tests. Any advise would be fab.


  • Hi, me and my husband are the same. However 3rd set of results, he didn’t produce any. I know it feels like this is just the end, however now being referred to a clinic. Help is hopefully on the way

    First appointment today, very nervous. I will keep you posted though. 

  • Hi, good luck today and hopefully they will have some answers for you. We have now been told that we are both being referred and I may need either testing. There as a 4 week wait for our appointment though. 

    In the meantime we are eating all the right foods and taking any vitamins you can think of to try and help us along the way. 

    Yes keep me posted 👍

  • U only need 1 GOOD SPERM! Say his count is 2000 million per ejeculation ( very low as it's supposed to be 150 million   per ejaculation) and only 30% motility  then that's still 600 thousand normal moving sperm!!! And u only need 1. Just 1 !!! We fell pregnant naturally after 2 years of trying my partner had this issue. Please just remember u only need 1 GOOD SPERM and he will have millions of good ones cxxx 

  • That meant to say 2 million not 2000 million 

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