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I’m new too this so bare with me

i have the implant that was due too be taken out over 1 year ago but because I wasn’t having sex I totally forgot about it. I have now met well the little be of my life and have decided too bring a little person in too are lifes! I have had the implant for 12 years changed every 3. Now my periods have been messed up  the 12 years. And i haven’t had one in over a year. Im going for the implant out tomorro. Have I ruined the chance of ever getting pregnant 🤰 


  • Hi Hannah,

    Apart from taking out the implant, talk to your GP about not having periods, you need to find out why and see if you need any hormone/etc treatment. I know women with irregular/no periods who had polycystic ovary syndrome, with treatment they got the periods back and had children. You need to fix this before trying otherwise you might make it worse - health wise, miscarriages etc.

    Also do a Pap smear, I got one after 7 years of "forgetting" about it, basically when we were thinking to try for a baby, and discovered I had abnormal cells, had to have a procedure to remove them, then had to wait a couple of months to heal, then we could try.

    There are things you can do in the meantime though to max for conception.

    Before trying to conceive, I've:

    * taken L-Methylfolate for months (on and off for a year). L-Methylfolate and not folic acid, L-Methylfolate is the natural form of folic acid, folic acid needs to be converted into L-m before it can be used by the body. And some people, like me with a MTHFR mutation, can't convert it at all plus can use only 30-70% of the M-l anyway, so folic acid can accumulate in the body and give cancer. I found out about this mutation when I did a DNA test through Ancestry (they give you your ethnicity PLUS the raw DNA data file), then uploaded this file to Promethease which scans your DNA info against the wiki of genetic studies and gives you risk of diseases, problem assimilating vitamins, etc, lots of good stuff, though it's so much you have to spend some time to dig it all. So initially I took it because even when I eat right my body can only absorb a % of folate and in time it can give problems. When we talked about trying for baby, I took it daily, couple of months in advance, as they recommend you start to take it to favour conception.

    * took multivitamins for conception (paying attention they didn't have any folic acid - that was a bit of work as most include the cheap synthetic version )

    * my partner also took multivitamins for conception for men, he took it for about 2 months before starting, and continued to take it till we found out about the pregnancy. I remember it included some specific minerals to make sperm healthy and active.

    * used a lubricant gel for conception, it includes zinc (I believe) that again helps sperm with "swimming"

    * used an app for conception and a thermometer to add my temp most days, that app calculated my ovulation date based on this. (with irregular periods though, that might not be easy to find. )

    We expected to try for a year but it happened quickly, the second month. And I'm 38 so age wasn't an issue. 

    Good luck x

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