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I’m 17 and a virgin am I pregnant?

I am a 17 year old virgin. I fooled around with my boyfriend, no penetration he just pushes his penis hard into my vaginal opening, that heppened day 6 of my cycle, I was afraid so I bought birth control pills and took 4, the internet said I should take 4 more in 12 hours but I didn’t, instead i took the pills for 5 days and I stopped because I didn’t trust self medication and I got scared. 3 days later which was day 13 of my cycle I bled, it was red and brown and I think small clots too, I bled for 2 days only. I am wondering am I pregnant? Was this implantation bleed? 


  • Please do not just read.... please answer me, help me

  • Come on please 12 women saw and no one replied

  • In the kindest possible way if he pushed his penis into it vagina opening then ubare not a virgin. If I think u are pregnant take a test that's the only thing that will answer this. I suggest birth control if u don't want to fall pregnant 

  • Susiegirlygirl, I am 100% sure I am a virgin, he just rubs the head of his penis on my vagina and nothing more but there has never been penetration, and my hymen is still intact. Still could I be pregnant?

  • If you are certain that you are a virgin..then no obviously you can't be pregnant, sorry to be so abrupt but i think perhaps you should read up on abit of sex education and how you actually get pregnant. 

  • As for the bleed you had how did you buy birth control pills by the way? Did you get a prescreption? If you have taken that many pills and then abruptly stopped then you've most likely had a small period as just stopping the pill can cause a break through bleed which sounds like what you have had. I mean if your that scared why not just take a test ? If you can "buy" the pill I'm sure you can buu a cheap test which will settle your anxiety about being pregnant. 

  • Sh3, I know how to get pregnant, but I read that being a virgin has nothing to do with it, that there’s a possibility for virgins to get pregnant, I also read that pre cum has a number or sperm in it. I am in a country where getting ahold of birth control pills is easy, no prescriptions needed. Its been 2 and a half weeks since I was with my boyfriend so I know that if I am pregnant it wont show on the pregnancy test yet. Can I have a break through bleed and still be pregnant? Thanks in advance.

  • It would show if it was two weeks ago I would test and seriously either have sex and use protection or don’t I think you are focusing to much on being a virgin or not.... if a penis has touch your vagina I think you can discount yourself and a virgin but please Don’t think we are being harsh .. we are just being honest 

  • Virgins can't get pregnant..sorry but they can't. If your worried about pre cum and the sperm fertilizing an egg then you mustn't be a virgin whatever it is that you have read stating virgin's can get pregnant is not true..believe me. Look without sounding harsh advice is being given to you and you seem not to be taking it in and counteracting everything people are saying to you by saying you're a virgin...which I'm sorry but from what your saying you're clearly not. Take a test and that will confirm for you. 

  • If you bf has pre cumed around your vagina then there is a minute chance of it swimming up a very small chance and is very rare and would of had some sort of small break through in the hymen due to penetration or foreplay..the second that the hymen is broken you are no longer a virgin.. 

  • I know for certain I am a virgin my hymen is still intact there has never been penetration, in my country and religion I have to be a virgin until marriage so yes I am 100% sure I am a virgin. So if my hymen is intact for sure I’m not pregnant?

  • I am just worried but Im not lying I am a virgin. Being pregnant in my country before marriage, I could be killed for that literally murdered, or sent away to a monastery, have the baby there and stay there for the rest of my life. That’s why I am worried and not countering the advise please I need someone to tell me for certain Im not pregnant

  • The only way to do that is do a tesy

  • Ok, I'm not saying you're lying my dear I understand you are scared. If your are 100% certain you are a virgin then no you won't be pregnant. I suggest next time you want to do things with your bf wear a condom to be on the safe side. I would still do a test in a week though just to confirm. 

  • As above, without physical penetration or the entry of semen physically inside then the chances of being pregnant are almost impossible.

    As for your hymen, that has no relevance to being a virgin I'm afraid. It'd part of our anatomy but like everything, we all have different shapes/sizes/appearances and these can be stretched without having sex. For example, sports, riding a bike, masturbation, using a tampon... No-one can tell from looking at your hymen if your a virgin or not image

    I would also point out though, without any judgement, that if remaining a virgin until after marriage is very important to your culture and religion. You should maybe abstain from any activities involving naked grinding... 

    I agree, it is likely the taking of the birth control then stopping that has caused the bleed.

    Good luck image

  • Totally agree with milliesmummyx

  • Ok I think u massively need educating. NO u can't get pregnant if u are a virgin. That is fact and if u say he thrust his penis hard into it vagina opening then either u don't have a clue what ur vagina opening is or ur not a virgin. The hymen is skin that needs to be broken for u to get pregnant. It can be broken just using a tampon. So if it's entered the vaginal opening which is the hole that the penis will disappear into and he cums into that then yes but no one here can tell u if u are pregnant as we are not telepathic , only a pregnancy test can confirm this and if it's so dangerous for u to fall pregnant and u are THAT worried then why are u not using protection and why risk it? I'm sorry if I sound harsh but u sound more like a 13 year old and massively uneducated and really believe u can get pregnant if u are a virgin despite us all telling u u can't. It's time for u to read up on facts not bollocks u may have been told by someone or a religion perhaps, trying to frighten u f tom ever having sex. Read up and maybe wait till u are mentally mature enough I don't feel u are at the moment. 

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