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Am I ovulating?


Hi all!

Ive just joined as myself and my partner have been TTC since January Time. Recently on the depo Injection and I’ve came off in January been off for 8 months. Fell pregnant in April which resulted in chemical. My periods have returned and are usually the end of the month every month. However, I don’t think I’m ovulating anymore, I don’t get any ovulation signs. My period didn’t come this month- done pregnancy test was negative. Have done several ovulation tests the past few days and I’m not sure if their positive. im Confused as I thought you ovulated after your period? Please help me out! I’m so worried I’m having fertility issues at only 21 years old. Doctors appointment on Monday. TIA. X


  • Have you got the app ? I have the app Flo which helps you to see when you overlating I take the same tests and mine come back positive notmally after  peirod you get discharge looks like egg white colour that means your defo overlating I’m the same age as you and I’m having the same problem hope you get sorted at the doctors x

  • Hi Jade 777! Thanks for your reply- I use the app P.C. 

    Got my AF yesterday, thought I was going to get it as the minute I got an appointment I began to get sore boobs, lower back pain and cramping. however now I’ve had my AF I’ll be able to track my ovulation properly this time, I’m normally 30 day cycles so I think I begin testing on CD10. It’s horrible To think of issues when your young, especially as I’ve not had any children so I’d be a new mum. 


  • Continue testing for the next few days perhaps, if not try again next month:) I'm so so worried about getting a chemical as well, I don't know why I have these negative thoughts, I'm just so afraid it'll happen to me. What were the symptoms of a chemical? If it's hard for you to relive it, you don't have to answer my question. 

    I use the Flo app as well, even though the dates aren't exactly accurate. I'm usually on a 28 day cycle, but last month I was on a 33. The app is presuming that this month it'll be 33 days as well and I'm on my 32nd day today. The app helps to log and track things which is convenient. 

    My mum had trouble conceiving for a few years, I have this feeling I may have it too:(

  • That’s good ! they say when your ovulating that your pupils dilate and then your lips look fuller I’m not sure if that’s correct but just look out for signs I do and most of my friends have kids but they didn’t plan it my friend says try not to think about it cause the more you do the more its putting stress on your mind which will make it more difficult to conceive Iv had to cut out energy drinks out of my diet because they say it makes it more slower and normally I think if it happens it will happen sometimes things take time but it just makes you think the worst I need to take my own advice and do the same ! and your welcome xxx

  • Yeah I have notice the app just guesses for you it tells you when you have low or high chance but it says I’m due on the 26th where normally on my peirod I always turn the beginning on the first month but it’s changed it but we will have to say I’d its correct it’s very helpful and never think of negative thoughts just try not to over think it I have that problem aswel I over think too much and look deep into things that makes me worry sometimes I think it’s off my past what I went through at 16 I caught clyamida and didn’t realise I had it until I got th  symtoms my partner cheated on me at the time so it made more sense I think that’s ruined my chances 

  • Hi AHMSL, and jade thanks for your replies. 

    My symptoms of my chemical were all of your usual pregnancy symptoms, feeling sick, missed period, implantation spotting, however whenever I tested all of my lines got lighter and lighter. My digi turned Not pregnant and I bled for a while after :( x

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