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Hi so i've been testing positive for a few days now and am 2 days late for AF. However im feeling a slight pain in my right lower abdomen side. i read up that its usually the symptom of ectopic pregnancy. I'm so afraid, i dont want to lose it as its my first time:( anyone else ever had cramping on one side in early pregnancy and ended up fine? I can't stop thinking about it.


  • Heeey :) don't worry. This is not really unusual in pregnancies. I had these pains too and it wasn't ectopic.  If it's only few cramps don't panic! If you do however have sharp pains and/or start bleeding go and see a doctor!

    The only way to know for sure really is to get private early scan. Earliest you can do it is when you are 5wks pregnant so probably next week? You won't see fetus yet and you might not even see fetal pole but you will see gestational sac and it's location. 

  • Mag1988 thanks!! yes i will wait till next week to get a scan so i can calm my nerves and not think about it anymore. Appreciate the reply! 

  • But don't rush. If you ovulated few days later nothing will be visible and you will only get scared more! :) and if you wait till 7 wks you will might see a heartbeat too :)

  • Hi hun try not to worry to much.

    When I had my ectopic I couldn't move with the pain and was making me sick,

    I know it's easier said than done to try and not worry but you get all sorts of aches and pains throughout.

    Fingers crossed you get an easy ride xx

  • @Mag1988 Alright! And thank you!!

  • @Wantingnumber2 I'm so sorry to hear that you went through that:( I guess I am over thinking things a little. I just want it so bad that I'm becoming slightly too obsessive. Haha! Thank you for your well wishes!! Did u manage to have a successful pregnancy after the ectopic one? 

  • Yeah I had to have a tube removed but I got pregnant after 6 months.

    That pregnancy I obsessed over everything payed for about 3 extra scans haha so I can see what your going through.

    You'll be okay :) x

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