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Repeat chemical pregnancies ,advice & what tests to as gp for?

My husband and I keep getting pregnant but loose it every time about a week after my period is due. Then I don’t ovulate for a month and then it happens again. If anyone who has had similar experiences please offer advice on what tests to ask for or any other general advice. I take the pregnancy vitamins, don’t drink/smoke try to stay relaxed etc. Any advice would be really really  appreciated :) it is getting emotionally draining,  thanks 


  • Hi marmite, 

    How long ttc? X

  • Hi marmite you need your gp to refer you to a fertility specialist but they usually only refer after 3 consecutive miscarriages? Do you have proof of the pregnancies such as photos of your pg tests?

    Getting pregnant isn’t the issue with you which is a good thing at least :)  They will take bloods from you for definite and test for various things such as thyroid and something called sticky blood but has a more professional name that I can’t remember!! They will probably check your progesterone as low progesterone can cause miscarriage but so many reasons and things that can generally be helped:)

    I had a lap & dye test as well which checked my Ovary & fallopian but if you fall pg I’m guessing yours are ok 👍🏻. They can offer you a scan too which can check your uterus and the thickness of the lining.

    Im certainly no doctor but I’ve been tested for all sorts after 5 miscarriages:/

    I have 3 gorgeous kiddies now and baby number 4 on the way!! There’s still plenty of hope for you 🤞🤞🤞 

    I suffered 2 chemicals like you by 5 weeks one at 9 weeks a missed miscarriage another of these at 12 weeks and a late loss @ 20 weeks which was just emotionally draining!

    I came back clear on my tests and generally miscarriages are genetic sadly. We never gave up hope and have a lovely family now I hope you will too very soon :)

    Good luck I have everything crossed for you and know exactly how you feel xxx

  • Thanks both for your responses :) 

    We have been trying for 3 years but we had a break in the middle to get married. I’m 36 now. 

    I have had three at 5 weeks this year but we only started using the first response tests this year. I recently did a chart of my past 12 month cycles and before we started trying I was very regular but since trying I have had quite a few other late cycles followed by months i don’t register a LH peak. 

    The last one was odd I lost it at 5 but still tested positive 2 weeks later. My gp sent me for a scan but the only thing discovered was fibroids and a retroverted uterus :( news to me. The ct scan nurse said by fibroids are located in areas which shouldn’t be a problem for my fertility. 

    I am seeing a specialist in October so it’s good to know I should take the pictures of my preg tests with me as proof,  luckily I wrote dates on and then and took pics.

    I will definitely ask about progesterone and the sticky blood 

    @missmyangels it’s great to hear you now have three and another in the way, congratulations   :) 

    thanks again xx 

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