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Feeling confused - low AMH levels after trying to donate eggs

Hi all just need to rant and maybe a bit of advice... so last year i decided id like to start a family but before doing so i wanted to donate some eggs (agree or disagree) i went through the whole process but my test came back with low AMH levels and they declined due to me having a low egg count for my age (below 30) so then i went into a panic iv not been using contraception since the beginning of february as they think it may have been the implanon causing mayhem with my hormones so iv been having unprotected intercourse with my partner except for 2 months where it all just got a bit much its causing issues within my relationship as my partner whom has given very mixed signals (telling his family its my fault we dont have kids) then tellin me hes not ready denyin saying this saying he wouldnt have unprotected sex if he wasnt ready and ifbit happens it happens im so frustrated and confused i just dont know whether im coming or going anymore. I cant speak to my family about it as iv stopped speaking to them for hurtful comments such as just have a baby (like its just that simple!) Sorry for my rant just needed to get it out.


  • hi guys 

    Sorry to go off subject 

    I am really confused here , I had intercourse 1st July I ovulated the 5/6th July then I started bleeding as normal on 24th July for 4 days , two weeks after I feel pregnancy feel sick pelvic pains and tired and eating food I would never normally eat , breast sore , I feel there’s no way I could be pregnant as I came on my period as normal but the symptoms are telling I am. I am really confused 

    please share are your advice 😔🙂x

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