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Positive test followed by bleeding and negative tests

Hello, I have never done thread like this before so bare with me. So I took a test ( clear blue digital) on Saturday after having period like cramps with out bleeding for 3 days, the test  came back positive, The following Monday I started to bleed less than normal but still more than Spotting I took another test ( clear blue with the lines) and it came back negative. The bleeding is not normal i usually bleed for 8 days heavy with sevre cramps. The cramps I was having was light but noticeable once my period started I did not cramp anymore on Wednesday the bleeding became lighter and by Thursday it was just when I wiped today Friday I though it was finally didnt bleed at all until 3 pm I wiped and there was blood again. I went to the hospital the day after I took the positive Test Theirs came back negative. I have an appointment with the clinic on the 11th for another test and ultrasound but they said there is nothing they can do until I am 6 weeks. Has anyone else been through this? And we’re you still pregnant? 

Thanks in advanc!

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