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Potential PCOS: Persistent ovulation pain for nearly 5 days but yet to ovulate!!!!

Hi everyone,

I feel like I NEED to rant on here as everyone around me is probably getting fed up with me constantly talking about it! :') 

I'm 24 and have been experiencing long-term amenorrhea since about 17. I have had two periods since coming off of the pill in January 2017. However, before going onto the pill, my periods were infrequent. They haven't ever been regular.

I have recently had a referral to a private clinic via the NHS and they have carried out an ultrasound and bloods, as they believed I had PCOS. However, my ultrasound came back clear and so did all of my bloods beside one thing (but I can't remember for the life of me what that thing was and neither can my husband!!!). I was told that it was likely that had PCOS but didn't present with the 'classical' PCOS symptoms but I couldn't be diagnosed etc... I was told that I would need help to conceive when I want to try.

So I am now at a bit of a loss. I've purchased some herbal remedies and I am going to give those a go and see if they make a difference but other than that, I feel lost! I want to sort my cycles out before we even attempt ttc but I am feeling pretty fed up with atm...  That's a bit of background about me.

I'll return to the current problem! I am pretty certain that the last few days my body has been gearing up to ovulate (YAY) however, I have been experiencing discomfort in my right ovary since Monday now, it feels like a very long time, so I am assuming that it is going to fail... My cm goes from watery to creamy all of the time and I'm not entirely sure what is going on....

If anyone has ever experienced similar or has any advice, I would really appreciate it!!! :)


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