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Early pregnancy symptoms VS early period symptoms?

Hi all , 

does early preg symptoms feel like period is on its way ? My period is due anytime between today and Monday latest. Still no sign of bleeding. I think I had a tiny bit of blood last week (not sure if my underwear was stained from previous period that didn’t wash out properly in washing machine or if it was implantation bleeding ) I’ve been getting cramps on off for about 10days now , gurgling noises coming from my uterus , sore breast , back ache on off and sensitive nipples . Usually my nipples are not sensitive when period is on its way nor do I feel nauseous ( which I felt slightly this morning) is on off pain in uteruses normal? Is twinges normal ? I think it’s too early for me to test. I want to wait until Friday ... or should I test ?? 

Any thoughts? I’m driving myself mad thinking period has arrived and nothing yet as cramps come as go ... 


  • Hi I am the same, I have been trying for a while to have a baby.  I fell pregnant back in June 2017 and miscarriaged in the August i then fell pregnant again in the October and again had another miscarriage in the November.  I have this weekend been feeling very emotional, very bloated and my stomach is sensitive my boobs are very sore and feeling sick these symptoms have all happened since Saturday.  Could I be pregnant.  I had an ovulation test about two-three weeks ago which said I was not ovulating.  I am very confused.

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