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Negative & positive pregnancy tests!?!? Confused help!

Hi ladies,

quick question about two weeks ago from Friday to the Tuesday I had done 8 pregnancy tests all saying positive. Some were digital some were cheap tests but most clear blue!i went to the dr on Tuesday who took a urine sample and it was negative she said I may be too early and to go and do another test tomorrow (which I done 2 and they was both pregnant) I then experienced some harsh pain on the Wednesday morning and called 111 whilst I was on the phone I noticed I had blood on my bottoms and had soaked all the way through (sorry for tmi) they told me to go straight to a&e the dr that saw me done a pregnancy test it was negative so he took my bloods and my hcg level was 95 at this point I was really heavily bleeding he told me I wasn't pregnant and I was just starting my period then sent me home. I bleed for two days big clots the size of my palm with excruciating pain and then it went. I haven't bled since. Have I had a miscarriag? I'm so confused the dr looked at me as if I was stupid I had shown him all the pictures of the pregnancy tests.

a background on me - I had my son normal he was fine he is now 1 and I have been bleeding on and off for a few months with clots i went to gynaecologist they told me it was a polyp and they will remove it but wait for a date Anyway so I stopped bleeding for a whole month (which was strange) then this happened. 

Hope someone can give me some advice I'm so lost at what to do.

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