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Implantation bleed??

I have PCOS and this is my 4th month on Clomid and for the past 3 months I ovulated.

I had the trigger on Friday 24/08 but I actually think I ovulated on Sunday 26/06.

Last night almos with no warning I had a blood discharge! Enough to go through my underwear and tights but right after it stopped with just a little bit when I wipe (sorry TMI!!). I was expecting my period over the weekend so that was 4 days earlier and now is finished so it didn’t even last 24hrs.

I did an early pregnancy test this morning and it was a BFN :( Could it be that is too early to detect? So could the bleed be from implantation? Is worth noting that I don’t have any other symptom! No sore brests, no tiredness, etc.

Any advise will be much appreciated!! Thank you 

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