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TTC #1 month 7 + Anxiety - is this a BFP?

So we have been trying for our baby number one for 7 months. Last month I got my first BFP 3 days before my period was due, did another 2 days later which was a fainter + but still a +, then 2 days after that I had a BFN and sure enough that evening my period started. I can only believe I'd had a chemical pregnancy. 

So roll on 4 weeks later. My period is due tomorrow. I don't have my usual symptoms that AF is coming (no breast swelling and no period cramps). I took a test 2 days ago which like to me as a BFP. however I am trying not to build my hopes up because of what happened last month. I darent take another test just yet. I plan to do a digital test in maybe 4 or 5 days time if AF still doesn't show.

Is this a BFP? it's not an evap line is it? 



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