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Implant removed - how long until body gets back to normal

Hi everyone!

I’m new!!  I got my Implant removed 3 weeks ago after having it for 6 years. Does anybody know how until my body goes back to normal and when will i have a period? 



  • Hi tnbc24 i had an implant some years ago and had it removed to have one of my children and it took about 3 months to have a period and i was pregnant after 6 months. Everyone could be different though so dont go on me and i had it in 8 years x

  • Hi Mummytofour! Thank you for replying. 

    Wow that‘s really good to hear but I know everyone is different I just feel like I’m never going to get one :( Ive been getting a lot of cramp lately but still no period. X

  • It will happen try not to stress about it or you could prolong your cycle, eat healthy get some excercise snd itll surprise you one day x

  • Need some advice girls!! 

    It has been 4 weeks now since I removed my implant and I still havent had a period! however I have been a lot of cramp, lower back cramp & and been getting really hot lately when I’m normally so cold. I know it’s the changes my body is making but do you think I’ll get a period soon?? 

    Thanks x

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