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Possible pregnancy

image Was taken this morning around 7am took the picture about a hour after or so after I took it also took one last night they both had faint lines at first then darkened a few hours later I already have a four month old and a four year old could I possibly b pregnant again. 


  • I'd say that this is evap line. After few minutes test should be discarded. I've had results like this before with blue dye tests and they were negative/.

    It doesn't mean you definitely aren't pregnant. Try again in few days :)

  • Going to take another one today to check then gonna get a blood test done to make sure. 

  • good luck :) I'd recommend first response. There is a line, I can definitely see that so hopefully you will have it confirmed today :)

  • Is there any way a evap  line could show up with IN The 10 min mark on five different ones. 

    On all boxes it says says the ten minute mark is the latest u can go to get the right answer but I always been checking them anywhere from 2-4 minute mark 

  • Definetely not like that! It did happen to me that I had bfp on a test with blue dye after I waited few hours and I wasn't pregnant but not after 10 min and not with pink dye tests. Evap lines are usually grey as well. 

    If you have bfp within 10 min I'd say you're pregnant :) congrats 

  • had unprotected sex with my boyfriend after my period then 8 days after my period i was discharging light pink and now i have cramps am i pregnant & when i wipe it was light pink 

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