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Am I pregnant 1 month after miscarriage

hi there I had a miscarriage last month, I started bleeding 4 weeks and 3 days ago, I was only about 4 weeks pregant at the time and my hcg levels were only 10, after suspected miscarriage I had another blood test the nurse said my hcg levels had gone down and I had defintley had a miscarriage, I took a pregnancy test today and it said positive! I’m really happy and also worried that’s it’s just my hcg levels still in my body after my precious miscarriage? 


  • If you're levels had returned to zero then I would say you are so congratulations. I am similar to you. I had an early miscarriage 13th August and my levels went to zero within 5 days. 5th September I got my first light positive with a first response early test and the positives have just got darker and darker. I tested daily because I was nervous about another miscarriage and wanted to see my icy levels going up which has given me peace of mind.

    I'm in northern Ireland and I have my first scan on Friday at 5w5days. They ideally wanted it at 6 weeks but I am away for a fortnight.

    Good luck and congrats 

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