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First fertility clinic appointment

Hi everyone.

Me and my DH have our first appointment tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any insight on what may happen.

Botox background info... I have PCOS and have previously had blood tests  to confirm wether or not I'm ovulating. I am ... my DH has also had a seen sample analysis and am came back good. What would be my next step ? 


  • Hey!

    I had my first today and honestly I was terrified. So they went through my results with me, I had 21 day bloods so he explained I have a good egg count but basically my levels are not high Enough to ovulate. I have been diagnosed with PCOS previously but they think I may have endo as I have severely painful periods,  I don’t bleed much And sex can sometimes be painful. They also think there may be some sort of blockage. Anyway, I am going to have a laprascopy and dye plus they will also do ovarian drilling if I need it. Usually they offer Clomid before the drilling but as they are going in there they said they can skip which is positive news. Let me know if you have any other questions. They explained It all brilliantly and also they will ask you some personal questions about your lifestyles etc. Hubbys sperm analysis we knew came back normal before we went in so that wasn’t really discussed xx

  • Thanks for getting back to me. If you don't mind me asking  how long have you been trying ? 

    Also if my bloods come back I'm ovulating. What was your cycle ? I have a 35 day cycle. Also my periods are really painful too. 

    Not sure wether or not they checked my egg count ? There was a long list they tested for just not explained. Just said everything came back normal.

    I was charting and I decided it was causing me too much stress. This month I've done nothing. Stopped charting and stopped timing. I was aware of my CM and this month had a tint of blood which I have never had before. 

    I'm so scared. Did they do any internal exams whilst you where there ? X

  • We have been trying for a year. He even said how little that amount of time was to us. 

    So my periods range from 30-45 days! Really different every month. I have severe cramps about 10 days before my period leading up to it and then barely any bleeding that lasts 3 days max! 

    it’s not technically an egg count it is FSH level which responsible for the growth of ovarian follicles (Eggs). Again they will explain this all to you :) 

    i think I may stop too now until the op. Especially as I get positive OPKS but still might not actually ovulate completley. 

    No examinations or anything like that. 

    You will be absolutley fine I promise. I was so so so nervous but now almost have a relief there is a reason why I’m feeling so shit! X

  • WWe are just over a year. Thanks for advice. You've really put me at ease about going. 

    Crazy that an infertile diagnosis can out your mind at ease as modern medicine still means there's a good chance.

    Everyone around me is getti g pregnant without 'trying ... it's hard.

    Baby dust to you and I hope that one day you get your BFP xxx

  • Two of my friends have recently fallen so I know the struggle.

    stay strong and hope it all goes well for you! Xxx

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