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What does this pregnancy test mean?

I have the implant in my arm currently but have had some evidence that it has stopped working (after a doctor pushed it deeper trying to get it out; now im going for surgery). Im 6 DPO and took a test this morning, nothing happened. Not even the control window changed (its coles brand so not that reliable) BUT I looked at it again this afternoon and the control window was dark and there was a really really faint line in the test window. I know a little about evap lines but i think its slightly pink but i still dont know? I just want to know if its likely to be positive or negative... ?


It barely shows in the photo and is easier to see in real life but idk.. what do you think?


  • I can definetely see a line. Looks very positive to me. Is there a chance you were ovulating earlier than that?

    If you are confident you're 6dpo I'd say it's most likely evap line. 6dpo is a bit too early to test as your body needs 6-10 days for implantation and another 2-4 days for hcg to be processed by your kidneys and to be present in urine.

    Tests should be discarded after 10 minutes as they can give you false results. Try first response test or other sensitive test :)

  • I took a first response and a clear blue test this morning and both were negative, could i still be pregnant but really early on? I dont know what to think

  • Anyone's advice would be so helpful xx

  • There might be a chance but it's a bit too early to test. You really need to wait few more days to see. First response tests are more sensitive. Get few of these and check in few days.

    There is a way to find out sooner: blood tests. But again, if you do these before implantation they will also show negative. 

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    Hi everyone , I’m completely new to this , I’m 23 and have been trying with my partner for a couple of months now to conceive , I have been to hospital a couple of months ago with really large blood clots and they are Just fobbing me off and sending me away , we have been Timing our ovulation and having un protected sex and I have failed to fall pregnant every month , I’m due my period in 4 days and this morning I got very light cramping , I done a pregnancy test yesterday and there is a very faint line I’m driving my self crazy looking at it , but when I tested today nothing at all ,can anybody help ! Greatly appreciated 

  • Laurens1995..... I can see the line! This has happened to me today exactly same text and same faint line!!!! Are you pregnant? X
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