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PCOS- recently told

hi everyone, I've been ttcc for over a year and was told this week I have Pcos but doctor told be it's ok and not much to worry about. 

She said in the scan my overy/ovaries looked a bit polycystic so now I'm confused have I got a mild type of pcos?.

Would be great to hear others stories.

Got more bloods coming up to test progesterone.

Many tHanks.  


  • Hi

    I'm also a bit similar. I came off the pill over a year ago and had normal periods for about 6 months. Then they started to go to every 68-69 days. I had a hormone blood test which was normal. My ultrasound scan shower some cysts on my ovaries so they said I had PCOS. They said it was mild beause my bloods were fine and because I’m not over weight?

    I have to have another blood test at 21days of cycle now. 

    Anyway since then I’ve been sent for a HSG test which seems normal. DH got sperm test this week and I’m hoping for Clomid. 

    Feels like this this is the longest journey. And I’m so impatient. 

    Hope this explains some next stages a bit better? 

    BB x

  • Hey guys,

    I came off the pill in March and have been TTC since July. 

    I've only actually had 4 periods and my cycles vary from 45-60 days. 

    Had 21 day blood test which has shown low progesterone and elevated testosterone so now awaiting a scan to check for PCOS. Only went to the Dr yesterday so I'm still on a bit of a downer about the whole thing.

    I am overweight so I'm currently doing the only thing I feel I have control of in all this which is eat healthily and exercise. My GP has already mentioned metformin as a course of action so I feel a bit comforted by that. 

    Guess I've just come on here for moral support! Everyone around me is getting pregnant so it's starting to take its toll.

    I know in the grand scheme of things we haven't been trying for long but i got married earlier this year so everyone is expecting us to announce we are pregnant soon! People don't realise it's not that easy for everyone!

    I guess im lucky that my GP has put things in motion pretty quick to be fair. 

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