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3 "periods" in a month, last period 11 days of very light spotting pink and brown

I don't understand what is going on and I just wanted to see if anyone else knows whats going on or if any one else has experienced this as well. 

I had 3 "periods" in September, beg, mid and end of month onto October, last "period" started on the 29th of September and is actually still currently flowing and it is now October 11th.  Problem is this period or whatever it is was extremely light, at first on and off for the first couple of days, it was pink, then the spotting happened every day after the first couple days of on and off again spotting, mix of pink and brown but mostly brown this time.  As of today, October 11th is the first official day that a heavy flow just randomly decided to flow (while I was at work of course too), and from what I can tell it is still brown but a lighter brown, there are some bits of red but for the most part it is a brownish flow.

I had slept with a friend about 4 months ago and it continued for another 2 months and ended, we did have unprotected sex.

Symptoms: First symptom signs started 3 months ago with extreme nausia. Then the periods became random but I still had 1 cycle each month for the first two months. Other symptoms now, I guess you would call them symptoms i am not sure, but nausia is getting less and less but still there, boobs hurt like hell, tender but they don't feel swollen, nipples hurt, it sucks so bad putting a bra on, bloating really easily and I am finding myself running to the bathroom more often, I have been having a lot of problems sleeping, acne is breaking out at my jaw line and I have been craving ice chips for some weird reason, also I seem to be losing weight (probably from how many times I run to the bathroom haha).

I do have a doctors appointment coming up on the 18th this month but I was just curious if anyone had any ideas or similar problems.  As far as I knew I could not get pregnant.  I am 28 years old.  Could this be a hormonal imbalance?  I really do not think it is pregnancy.  

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