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Fertility Window.

Hi there, I was just wondering what are the possible chances of getting pregnant 3/4days outside of your fertility window?

I am currently pregnant, had sex once, all my dates add up at the scan for last period, conceived date and due date, but I also had sex with a different person 3-4 day's out of my fertile window. 

Is there any chance of this person being the father, as I'm really wanting it to be the other.



  • It could be either as sperm lives for up to 5 days in there and it will just depend on which sperm was the strongest one. So yeah cud be either blokes.

    I think in future maybe stick to one bloke or at least use protection so this situation of not knowing doesn't happen. U need to be honest with both guys and tell them u are unsure who is the father then do a paternity test once baby is born. Bit don't just guess who it is or tell the one u want it to be that it's his as this is no game and there's a baby involved and it's unfair to both guys and the child 

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