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One year ttc. What to expect when go to doctors?

hi. Been trying to conceive for a year. Going to doctors if don’t get bfp this month. Really nervous about going to doctor but dh really thinks should go. Anyone been and can give me an idea of what to expect? I stay in uk if that makes any difference to how doctors treat this. Thanks. 


  • my partner and I have been trying for 4 years in total and March this year we decided to go doctors, my doctor is amazing! He send us both for tests- myself- was a blood test first then a scan external and internal and found I have pcos, my partner had a sperm test too, i was put on metformin straight away and now this month is my first month of Clomid, still trying but feeling positive 

    good luck 

  • Let me know how you get on. Did you have any symptoms of pcos?

  • Im also wondering about this too. I don’t know what to expect if I go to the doctors quiet nervous as I don’t want anything negative to come back 😔 xoxo

  • Me too but that’s been  year and no luck so would rather know if something was wrong. We are only 31 so they might send us away for another year but I’m hoping not. Af due Saturday so will keep you guys posted if we end up going to doctor. 

  • Thank you Hun 🙏🏼 💕 xxxx

  • Hi. So went to doctors today. She couldn’t have been nicer. ive been referred for day 21 blood tests and my husband for a sperm count test. We are also being referred to local fertility clinic to discuss option of checking if my Fallopian tubes are blocked x 

  • If it helps... follow my link above this one. It explain my journey so far with drs and tests xx 

    BB xx 

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