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4.5 years of trying and fed up!

My partner and I have never used protection and after being together 4.5 years I still haven't conceived. I've had 2 chemical pregnancies, they were both within 3 months (I stopped testing after the 2nd one).

Im literally now just so depressed, all I've ever wanted was to be a mum. I turned 29 this month and since then I've been in a bit of a panic, the realisation that I'm 30 next year and no closer to having a baby really scared me.

I'm awaiting an appointment with an endometriosis doctor after my gp suspects I have it. I get horrendous period pains, really heavy periods, pain the first few days of my period when having a bowel movement, clots every month, throwing up and diarrhea the first couple of days of my period and I've started getting problems with my bladder. 

Anyone else in a similar situation? I just don't know what to do anymore, seeing pregnant women, babies and families make me just want to break down and cry.

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