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TTC. HSG. Clomid. Help?! 😕🤯

I’ve had lots of tests over the past few months as me and DH been trying to conceive for over a year. 

Hormone blood tests are normal however ultrasound shower some cysts on ovaries (PCOS). I am not overweight. 

Had a HSG test a week ago which showed clear tubes. 

If I have irregular periods (between 58-69 day cycles) how do I ever know when I’m ovulating without spending a fortune on ovulation kits?. 

And will the HSG make me more fertile?

It’s so hard not to think about it all the time when trying!

I’m hoping to be put on clomid but that’s not a miracle worker is it?

Keeping everything crossed


  • hi. I think I’m being referred for hsg. Was it sore?

  • What do they do to test that? x

  • To test what? Sorry I’m being thick x 

  • Hi 😊

    No it wasn’t sore. I panicked for weeks before because I was thinking of the worst. 

    I’ll take you through it. 

    I went in and had to sign a declaration that I wasn’t pregnant.

    Stripped bottom half. 

    She cleaned me with some surgical cleanser stuff and then put then speculum in. 

    She put a double tube thing in through my cervix then inflated a balloon to keep it in. 🎈 

    Then she said she was going to on put the dye  through and that the pain can be from nothing to severe. When she didn’t this it was like a really sharp and deep period pain in but it lasted all of 30 seconds - if that! 

    Afterwards she said to take it easy. I spotted for about 3 days and had period pain type stomach ache. Other than that it was ok. 😊 don’t panic. 

    The worst part is waiting for the results. Although I studied my xrays whilst I was there. I bet she’s though I was mad!!

    They took an X-ray before the procedure, one when everything was inserted and about 3 whilst the dye was going through. Then I had to flip onto my stomach for an X-ray through my back after the due and speculum had come out.

    I’ve heard some people literally feel nothing!!! It can’t be too bad or they would give some pain medication surely?? I took a painkiller an hour before going in though - I’d suggest this if you have a low pain threshold? 

    If I’m honest, its Like an in depth smear test with xrays x don’t panic x hope this helps? Xx 

    BB xxx

  • Thanks for reassuring. Got blood test and sperm count tests first. I don’t know what happens if everything comes back normal. Are you in the Uk?

    had cervical biopsy before so hoping not any worse than that. 

  • Yes im in the UK are you? 

    DH sent his sperm count off this morning and if I’ve got bloods next Thursday for a progesterone check. I’m hoping if they are all good I can have clomid. Currently going 10 weeks between periods! 😞

    whats been your process so far? 

  • Yeh uk as well. Been ttc for over a year so today was first doctors appointment. Felt good just getting it off my chest. Got blood tests booked for cd21 and doctor phoning husband tomorrow to arrange sperm test. As same time she is referring us to fertility clinic to speak to us about getting Fallopian tubes checked. i just don’t know what happens if everything comes back clear. Been great finding you on here as sounds like exact same stage. What age are you and how long ttc? Have use told anyone about going for tests?x

  • Only my mum and dad and best friend. otherwise no. Hard because we’ve been married over 2 years so everyone keeps asking why we haven’t had a baby... that doesn’t really help things 🙄

    yeh the HSG is for Fallopian tube check. 

    Seems we’re at a very similar stage. We’ve been trying since last summer so over a year ago now. I had hormone tests which were normal but an ultrasound showed cysts on ovaries so they think a bit of pcos. But I’m not overweight so losing weight can’t help. That’s why I’m hoping for clomid. 

    Im 26. Been with DH for 12 years 🤗

    You? Xx

  • i am 31 and been with dh 17 years and married 1. Childhood sweethearts same as us! We’ve not told anyone and I’m finding that hard. I had a scan on ovaries about 18 months ago because bad period pains but all clear. Then had to have biopsy because change in smear results so feel like I’ve been through the mill lol. Hate when people ask. Weve been a lot of holidays this year and just kept telling people after holiday when really had been trying while time. But now holidays are all done no idea what to say! 

  • I just  keep saying it’ll happen when it happens. I went for a promotion and interview at work and got it so “that’s keeping me busy”.

    Yeh it feels like the longest process with all the tests and drs and hospital appointments. i keep hoping and praying I get a nice Christmas present 🎁➕🚼

    its good to talk to other people going through the same thing! 😊 feel free to ask questions here!!

    You got another appointment soon?

    baby dust ✨

    BB xx

  • We’ve not had any tests done yet. Waiting for appointments x

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