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Can my girlfriend be pregnant?

Hello ladies,

Please do not hate me for the subject of my topic but I really need to ask you something that I am worried about. Do not get me wrong, we want to have children with my GF but not at the exact moment as we are yet to have an own home etc. We are not just ready.

Now to the question:

My GF had her last period on 1st of October. We are always having unprotected sex relying on the pull out method. 

We had sex on 8th of October - 1/2 days after her period was over (this is the only time I am worried about). However, this time I am not sure if I was able to "stop" myself on time and I doubt if a small amount of semen did not end up inside her.

I have an app on my phone that tracks down her periods and looking at the previous months for 2 years behind, her period is surely not a clockwork one. There are 3 main patterns I notice - 1/3 of her cycles were about 25/26 days, 1/3 - 28/29 and there are a few that lasted 32-33 days.

If it matters - during the month there were a lot of weather changes - from hot to cold and back in forth. She also had a trip to Italy for a few days (we live in Europe if it matters, so the time zone difference was only 2 hours).

She had the same trip last October and her cycle lasted for 33 days as per my app.

As of today, her period is 4 days late (considering a cycle of 28 days) and I am really worried. I virtually did not think about anything else for the last 4 days and it is bugging me.

I tried to talk to her but she thinks I am crazy and her response is that she can "feel" her body and her abdomen hurts for the last 2 days so she expects her period to come. 

I know it might sound crazy but I noticed that her underwear has some kind of a dried white substance (slightly yellow) which I Googled can be a sign of pregnancy. However I remember that she has it pretty much all the time because as per her words, she has "fluor genitalis" - excuse me for not knowing the exact term in English.

In a nutshell, I am extremely worried that she might be pregnant because we are not ready to have a kid yet. 
Can you please share your thoughts based on what I described and let me know if I am indeed crazy or I should continue to worry?

Thank you kind ladies!




  • Hi based on a 28day cycle most women ovulate  on cd14 making cd 12,13,14 the most fertile days, however from what you say you had sex on cd 8 and it is possible for sperm to live upto 5 days waiting to meet an egg, I would say it’s 50/50 and the only true way of knowing is to take a test. 

    i Strongly advise using some form of contraception if a baby is not part of your plans at the minute 

  • If my fella  had an app on his phone to track my periods I wud seriously question his sexuality Hah ( JOKES). On a serious level unprotected sex on ANY cycle day is a risk of pregnancy. And the yellow crusty knickers? .... well I don't personally thinking should be checking her dirty pants.I think that's  an invasion of privacy and not nice. It's both a sign of pregnancy, it's daily discharge. If u dont want a baby then cover up. #condoms 

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