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Ttc for about a year, no luck. Finally a positive hpt??

my fiancé and I have been ttc now for almost a year now after I got of my birth control.  my period was odd last month, I spotted a for couple days just before my period was due then never actually got my period.  I took multiple hpt Andy they all said negative Along with a urine test I got done at a clinic.  But now this month I am again late.... there was only one time that I have been late and it was going on 3 years ago when my body became used to my birth control and wore my lining down ultra thin, my ob switched my pills and I was fine again.   This month I have taken a couple tests and can’t tell if I want it to be a bfp so much that I’m seeing things or if it’s a faint positive or evap lines.  HELP ! The first photos idk if you canimage really see in the picture what I am seeing? in person, they are FR. The last picture is a first signal and is a little more noticeable ??  

Also we just found out recently that he has partial infertility. it was noticed on an xray from a trip to the er while he was sick so we didn’t get much detail but we are currently waiting for his appointment with a fertility doctor so we can find out more.  He lost his son at age 2 going on 5 years ago to leukemia so this is extremely important to the both of us and making us overthink ALOT so I want to be sure that I am pregnant before I tell him and end up not and crushing his world all over again ... 


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