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Had 5 positive test, bleed for 3 days and then had 2 negatives

me and my husband are trying get pregnant since june. This past month i have had 5 positive test and on 10/30/18 i started to have light pinkish, brownish blood when i wiped which lasted for 3 days. i took two test since then and both were negative. i tried calling to get an appointment to get checked out but since i had bleed and had a negative they wouldnt see me. when i had my first child i never knew i was pregnant since i had my period every month so im trying to understand what happen and to see what i need to do. i'm really hoping that i'm pregnant


  • It may have been a chemical pregnancy whrr3 the fertilized egg doesn't stick most likey because it hasn't developed properly so the body will exspell it. But if u are unsure I would say to just keep testing. If u keep getting negatives then that was probably the case xx

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