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Spotting or AF?

Hi just wondering if anyone has any advice. I’m currently on my second round of clomid CD (cycle day) 24. Last night when I went to toilet I thought AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) had showed her ugly head, unusual for me as before clomid I was anywhere between 35-40 and my first month on clomid I was 30. I had no signs whatsoever (again very unusual for me) and later on it had pretty much stopped. Doesn’t seem to be any sign of it this morning ether. I don’t feel like it was IB as I’d say there was a bit too much and red, not pink or brown like I’ve read. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experience this and what would I do about taking my 3rd round of clomid if I’ve stopped? I should be taking it 2-6. Thanks in advance xxx

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