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How does everyone distract themselves when struggling to conceive or during tww?

just as the post says. I feel like ttc is consuming me and just wondering what other use as coping mechanisms x


  • Hi again oj. Quite honestly I don't think it ever gets easier.. You just got to do what you got to do to get through it. I've recently purchased a game which is a good distraction. It's building roller coasters, sounds lame I know but when I'm playing it my whole focus is on the game and nothing else. Maybe start a hobby something crafty or creative is usually best or get watching a good Netflix series? It may only take your mind off things for an hour or so a day but worth a shot? Any news on your tests yet? Xxxxxx 

  • Hi :-). I’m thinking of taking up drawing. Something I used to love. Day 21 bloods are Thursday. Sperm test 7th and meeting with fertility specialist 10th. How are you?

  • Drawing would be perfect. Sounds like a busy few weeks for you, but just think in a few weeks hopefully you'll have some answers. I'm doing okay thanks, hubbys sperm analysis isn't until end of Dec so just plodding along until the new year when we should hopefully get the results. All This waiting doesn't get any easier though. 

  • That TWW is awful wake up in the morning not sure if you feel sick or it’s hunger pains, but yes I agree a hobby helps. 
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    I'm on my 2nd year ttc, thinking about it, it's more like 2.5 years. After a while, it just becomes a second nature. Just try, test, repeat. I don't really stress much about it anymore, but the first year was torture haha. I would recommend just taking care of yourself. Use light exercise, like long walks, or read, cook, watch a movie, go on a date. Just carry on while your body does the work.
  • I don’t think a day goes by 10 days before test date that I don’t wake up looking at the calendar. I managed to download a game on my iPad and plan my friends baby shower 
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