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treatments for pcos?

guys i honestly dont even know if this is in the right place and if not im really sorry, i just honestly dont know where else to ask,  but i have had pcos since i was a teenager. irregular periods turned into eventually having one period every 3-4 months and when it did come it lasted 3-4 weeks at a time and super heavy! dr started me on birth control and been on it for the last, 6-7 years. while i am classified diabetic, ive been told technically i am insulin resistant and have been on and off of metformin for the last 6 years, when a1c gets high im on, when it comes down my dr takes me off till it goes up again.

well im 29 now and only recently started having some complications with the birth control. im taking tri sprentic, made me have fast heart rate and started havign some anxiety, changed to depo and that was HORRIBLE, made my anxiety sooooo mch worse, so i changed to orsythia and that also gave me anxiety, so i came off for a few months, and in those, i dunno maybe 3 months or so i didnt have not even one period, but i had cramping. i hate not knowing when im oing to have a period and am afraid when they do return i will go back to heavy bleeding, bad cramping, like honestly the bleeding is soo bad i have to wake up multiple times a night to empty my diva cup just so i wont bleed on my bed. so i went back on the tri sprentic and have been taking it 2 days and am already beginning to get that anxiety back. i have never been off the pill until this year and only those 3 months or so, so i honestly dont know if my cycle had changed in these last 6-7 years since i started, or if it has been long enough to change at all, but honestly i hate how i was before. i love having one period every mnth and lasting 4-5 days.

what i am wondering, is besides birth control, is there anything that really helps pcos? i have to see my dr the 14 of this month and i am thinking of asking to be reffered over to a gyno to talk to about this, but im just wondering ahead of time what could i expect? i know people say metformin, but high doses of metformin hurt my stomach bad and doesnt go away. right now i am only taking half a pill, so thats out of the question. my grandma couldnt take birth control either cause the hormones messed with her and made her nervous too, so birth control may not be an option either. so is there really anything else i can expect to try or is it just, i dunno, wait till im old enough to get a hysterectomy? i have no kids and honestly it wouldnt really hurt me if i never had biological children as there are soo many other options when thinking of having kids like adoption.

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