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I’ve came to terms and decided to just accept it

After 7 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnanc, I’ve accepted that I will never be a mother! No more worrying, googling symptoms, nervous dr appointments, beta levels, and just plain waiting. I’ve found that once you just let go and accept that god does not want to give you a baby, you have no choice but to just accept it and move on. DONT FIGHT IT!! Trust me, you’ll feel much betyet and all the stress goes away.. down the toilet along with all the bloody tissue paper and down the trash with all the pregnancy tests. Let go and let god. 


  • I just posted another thread saying how fed up I am with trying and then noticed your post. I understand what you're saying, I could feel weight lifting off of me as I read your post and imagined not going through all of this anymore. I'm more fortunate that I have a 7 year old daughter but my partner doesn't have any and I kind of feel like I'm taking the decision out of his hands by giving up, I'd worry it came between us. 

  • I think if u have that attitude then u let life's shitty tests win. My body will tell me when to stop trying..  it's called the menopause. And until then I have faith despite having a heartbreaking experience and having to say bye to my baby girl. I either let it beat me or get up fighting stronger 

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