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Symptoms or not?

Good morning everyone!

So, I am 6dpo (or maybe only 3). I haven't started tracking bbt yet (was going to start this next cycle). I had been going by cp and cm and doing the bd based on that. We aren't exactly trying to get pregnant but we aren't not trying...

According to my chart I am 6dpo, but my cm told me I am only 3. We did the bd on the day of O. Ever since I have been very crampy (not normal at all for me! I usually cramp at 3 am right when af is starting), been a bit nauseous, and super thirsty. My cm is wet/sticky with some white clumps in it and my cp is high, soft, and slightly open.

Any thoughts on if this means a BFP or if it is a bug. I know it is probably too early to tell, but I can't wait to take a test!😚 are these symptoms or me being crazy!?

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