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Is it possible I could be pregnant

I think I know the answer but thought I would get some other options. So 2 years ago I had a really had miscarriage and I nearly died so as much as it really hurts me and my husband decided not to try again. We already have a little girl who's now 7. So cut to now and 2 days after I finished my periods my husband and I had sex and the condom broke. Were both very religious so taking the morning after pill wasn't an option. This was last Wednesday and my mines working over time, tonight I've started to get little pains, niggles in my stomach. So I think my question is do you think the it was too close to my periods to be pregnant, my mind's already working over time. Sorry for the long story, any opinions or advice would be grateful appreciate. Xxx


  • Hi hun, hope your feeling ok. In my opinion it would be cutting it a little fine to get pregnant so close to you period but you never know if it's meant to be then you really do never know. See how you feel and maybe take a test if negative than you know if still unsure head on the to the docs and get some bloods done :) hope this helps a little xx

  • Thanks for the reply, I think I know in my heart I'm not but there's always that chance. I'll just need to keep myself calm until AF is due xx

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