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So fed up

Hey, I could do with a little positivity if anyone is around.  Just over a year ago I had an ectopic at 8 weeks, in April I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, in july I had another at 5 weeks.  The hospital advised I gave sticky blood and will need blood thinning infections if I get pregnant again. We've been trying ever since with no luck and the past two months I haven't even picked up ovulation but we carried on with the deed regardless. I'm not due on until Tuesday but today started spotting so I'm not hopeful. I'll be 39 in January and feel like we need to make the decision to stop trying soon but will be heartbroken if it doesn't happen.  I'm really so fed up with the whole thing. 


  • U are 39. That's not old. Miscarry in early pregnancy normally means the cell division stage had had a mishap and this happens a lot to people. It's normally a chromasone issue which means baby will have a syndrome or be severely disabled. The body knows it's not developing as it should do so will exspell the pregnancy xx the positives are u are falling pregnant!!!!! So keep trying because it will happen for u ok xx 

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