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Mind boggling


Im not sure where to start! 

We have been ttc for almost 3 years and we have had initial tests which came back normal! We saw a gynaecologist This week and was told that chances of conceiving naturally was slim! If we ever want help with IVF we would have to go private because my partner has a child from a relationship 15 years ago! 

I have now got appointments for an ultrasound and also a HSG test - if anyone can give me any advice on these tests please do I’m anxious for the HSG test. 

I’m 36 and have always wanted to be a mum and I’m finding it so hard to get my head around it all!! Does anyone have any advice? I would appreciate it so very much! 


  • The hsg test isn't as daunting as some male out so ignore the scare mongers and wimps. U don't feel anything except a slight cramp and to be fair I had no blockages but it was 4 weeks after having this I fell pregnant after  2 years trying. Coincidence I think not xxx so do it

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