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Hi I’m New to this page. I recently took a pregnant test after having unprotected sex And the result was a line but then another faint line making me think it was positive, I’ve now took another test (the test that says how many weeks) a few hours later and it’s come up “not pregnant” I’m quite confused as to why it would have a faint line and I’ve read up all up the evap and all that. has anyone has the same confusion?? Maybe I’ve took a test to early but I’m not to sure! 


  • imageThis is the test? Can anyone help please! 

  • I’ve put this post up for some help and I can see people have looked at it but not responded. I thought this chat was for other people to give opinions and to Talk to each other about these things.. 

  • Hi holly,  it seems to be very early on as the clear blue isn't a strong line to make the cross. I do see a very faint line there. Also the digital test you took came back as not pregnant, it may be because it wasn't your first urine of the day which then the hcg levels are diluted. Also digital tests are not as sensitive as others. I would hold off and try again in few days time. When is your period due? 

  • My period is due on the 6th!  Yeah I thought I might of took one very early on! when do you think I should try again? Thanks for the reply :) 

  • I would get some cheap tests so you're not wasting money with early negative results. I would use the more expensive one prob the day of missed period. Once you start getting stronger lines then I would go for the digital one. Good luck, let us know how u get on. X 

  • Yeah I wud say positive but digital not so sensitive so this may be why it's showing not pregnant x u still have a few days till due x

  • Fingers crossed for u holly!

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